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Valli has been acting since the age of 14, appearing in the Australian television series "You Can't See Round Corners", "Riptide" with Ty Hardin (episode 6 - Chance of a lifetime),  and dozens of commercials. 

Her first mentor was the famous ballet dancer, actor, and director, Sir Robert Helpmann, who discovered and coached her, followed by the "King of Horror", Vincent Price, with whom she co-starred in the role of Vulnavia in the cult classic "Dr Phibes Rises Again".

Her appearance in the fashion parade scene in The Great Muppet Caper with Miss Piggy is a must see!

On top of these, were television appearances in Australian shows such as Graham Webb's Blind Date, in January 1968 in which Valli was choosing from members of "The Small Faces", Tommy Leonetti's Tonight Show, and more.

If you weren't seeing Valli at the movies, or on television programs, you were probably seeing her in the Commercials!

Valli tells how she obtained the role in Dr Phibes Rises Again.....

How I Got The Movie -  "DR PHIBES RISES AGAIN"

I was finding things very hard by this time,even though I was working, London was very expensive. 
I had just joined an agency called Berylle Seaton and I heard through the grapevine they were casting for a comedy horror film in Elstree. 
I thought the part was perfect for me, I only had 10 pounds to my name at the time and I had no idea how I was going to get home from the studios after the casting,but I went anyway, sat there amongst 200 girls or more and I waited till my turn.

I was the last one in to meet the Director, Bob Fuest and Producer, Albert Fennel. They said nothing as I approached, just stared at me, asked me to do an ethereal dance. They still said nothing, then told me to go down stairs to the restaurant and wait for them.
I sat there very worried as to how I would get home etc...a waiter came over to me and gave me the phone, it was my agent saying I had the part and a 10 year contract!  The director and producer were looking at me from around the corner, smiling. Had a great lunch and was sent home in a limo straight to get fitted for the wonderful clothes in the film, which now has become a cult movie. 
I still get fan mail from wonderful people all over the world.


 First day I was very nervous about meeting Vincent Price, as I am really shy, I was sitting in the makeup chair, having my hair done, when this very tall elegant man almost glided in, huge smile on his lovely face, looking at me, he said "So you are Valli, Vulnavia are you ,you are very beautiful my dear, but I bet your boobs fall down to your feet, ha ha" to which I jumped up and pretended to smack him.  It broke the ice and we became firm friends after,  and we laughed all day after that. 

Making the film was like having a family, we all got on really well. Bob Fuest, the director, was very charming and a genius - a talent way before his time.  All of the actors were very nice, it was a pleasure to do.
I was almost playing myself, as I am very quiet, and love mystery. Vincent was like a father to me, always keeping an eye out for me, sending me food by taxi to my flat to make sure I was eating. 

He also found out that I was an artist, and asked me to bring some paintings to work to show him, as he was an acclaimed art critic. He loved them and arranged for me an exhibition,  where I sold 30 paintings in 2 hrs!  I was very happy about that and started painting as well as acting and modeling. He was a very funny man and always had me in stitches. We were supposed to make 9 more films but the owner of American International films died so it was no more, a shame.


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